The proposed HadronPhysics3 work package ADAMAS focuses on:

The prime novelty of large-area CVD Diamond-on-Iridium (Dia-on-Ir) detectors is the combination of hitherto unobserved timing properties with an almost homogeneous crystal structure.
The main applications foreseen are the tracking and the ToF of relativistic heavy ions and protons in FAIR experiments as well as similar applications at LHC .

Description of work and role of partners

Task 1 Engineering of Dia-on-Ir plates of minimized dislocation density (GSI, UA)
Task 2 Development of pad assemblies with new single-channel amplifiers (UA)
Task 3 Development of one-dimensional microstrip assemblies with PADI-4 (UA)
Task 1 – Subtasks: Test of ELO concept on Dia-on-Ir films. Characterization of structural and electronic properties. Production and post processing of 3 x 3 cm² samples for detector applications.
Task 2 – Subtasks: Design and evaluation of a new low capacitance broadband amplifier (LCBA). Masks and metallization of pad motifs. Assembly tests and optimization using α- and β-sources. Beam tests with relativistic ions and protons: rate capability (RC), time (T) and energy (E) resolution.
Task 3 – Subtasks: Masks and metallization of strip motifs on 3 x 3 cm2 Dia-on-Ir samples for differential readout with PADI-4 ASICs. Assembly tests and optimization using α and β sources. Beam tests with relativistic ions and protons: RC, T, E, and position (POS) resolution.