The nine Networking Activities cover all of the most important issues in hadron physics: from the structure of the nucleon to the characteristics of the quark-gluon plasma, from theĀ  possible existence of new bound hadronic and nuclear states to novel computational techniques. They all promote collaborations between a larger number of expert groups in Europe, very often between theoreticians and experimentalists, and are closely related to the activities of the Research Infrastructures in HadronPhysics3. They foster a culture of co-operation between the participants in the project, and those scientific communities that benefit from these Research Infrastructure. This is particularly relevant for the development and maintenance of common databases needed for the analysis of experimental data and the computation of theoretical quantities; feasibility studies of new instrumentation, methods and technologies; promotion of coordinated activities of similar experiments; and the dissemination of knowledge through scientific publications and the organisation of workshops.

The HadronPhysics3 project is supported by the European Union
under the 7th Framework Capacities Programme in the area of Research Infrastructures (RI).