The program of SPHERE consists of four activities:

Description of work and role of partners
SPHERE includes the experimental groups of the three major experiments devoted to hypernuclear physics in Europe: (KAOS/A1@MAMI, HYPHI@GSI, PANDA@FAIR). The FINUDA@LNF experiment has ended its data taking. Even though the analysis of the collected data of FINUDA will continue for some time, this stage is unlikely to cover the full period from 2012 to 2014. However, based on the expertise gained at FINUDA, a part of the Torino Group has joined the ALICE experiment at the LHC to study hypernuclear production in relativistic heavy ion collisions.

The physics activity (PHY) comprises five tasks:

All groups will participate in these activities. Most of these activities will continue throughout the full funding period.

The experimental activity (EXP) comprises three tasks:

The main contributions will come from UMainz, INFN-Torino and GSI. However theoretical input to the simulations is mandatory.

The three tasks of the detector activity (DET) are listed below:

The main contributors to this activity will be INFN-Torino, GSI and UMainz

The four tasks of the theoretical activity (THE) are:

The contributions will come from UB, JLU, Hebrew University, INP-Rez, Universita’ di Torino, University of Valencia and CAC Warsaw.