Lattice QCD currently provides the only ab initio method for performing QCD calculations in the low-energy regime, and for acquiring a quantitative description of the physics of hadrons and nuclear forces with controlled systematic errors. To reliably connect hadron physics with QCD, extreme computing resources are required.
To make efficient use of the current investment in supercomputers, and to further advance high performance computing in Europe, a unified programming environment and the pooling of resources, both human and computational, are needed.


Description of work and role of partners

The proposed upgraded LEANNIS network will concentrate on hot topics in low-energy antikaon interactions with nucleons and nuclei to be studied in theory and experiment. It will take advantage of the basis created in the running LEANNIS network-project and of its outcome. Six main topics have been identified and are discussed in the following.

The participation of the subgroups is detailed below.

We briefly describe areas that we believe will be strongly impacted by the proposed project.