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The European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*) in Trento (Italy) provides a broad spectrum of dedicated and structured activities for established and young researchers, theoretical and experimental physicists, from all over the world. ECT* offers a unique combination of projects in high-level scientific exchange, dedicated research and advanced training to the international community working in Nuclear Physics in a broad sense.

This involves low energy nuclear physics (structure and reactions), quantum chromodynamics and hadron physics, physics of matter under extreme conditions and ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions.

Related areas of research include topics in Astrophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Particle Physics, Many-body theory, Quantum field theory, Bose-Einstein condensation, etc.
The goals of the Centre, as stipulated in its Statutes, are:

  • to arrange in-depth research on topical problems at the forefront of contemporary developments in theoretical nuclear physics
  • to foster interdisciplinary contacts between nuclear physics and neighbouring fields such as particle physics, astrophysics, condensed matter physics and the quantal physics of small systems
  • to encourage talented young physicists by arranging for them to participate in the activities of the ECT*, by organizing training projects and establishing networks of active¬† young researchers
  • to strengthen the interaction between theoretical and experimental studies.

The HadronPhysics3 project is supported by the European Union
under the 7th Framework Capacities Programme in the area of Research Infrastructures (RI).