The HadronPhysics3 project consists of:

The governance of the project is realized through the managerial structure displayed in Figure and described below. It is composed by:

Management structure image

The composition of the managerial bodies and the operative procedures are described below.

The Coordinator
The Coordinator is the legal entity, scientific and administrative representative of the Consortium.
The Grant Agreement (GA) is signed between the Commission and the Coordinator. Other legal entities may accede to the Grant Agreement as beneficiaries by signing the Form A of
accession. All the beneficiaries together form the Consortium. The Consortium Agreement (CA) is signed by the Coordinator and the beneficiaries.
The Coordinator is, on behalf of the Consortium, responsible for carrying out the specific coordination tasks laid down in the GA with the Commission, covering all scientific, technical,  organizational and financial aspects.

The Project Coordinator
The Project Coordinator is the authorized contact person of the Coordinator, in direct contact with the Commission.

The Management Team
The Project Coordinator is assisted by a team, the Management Team, composed of:

The Governing Board
The Governing Board is the decision-making and arbitration body of the Consortium. It is composed of one representative per beneficiary identified, in the Consortium Agreement, as the “Person in charge of scientific and technical/technological aspects of the project”, according to the Form A2.4 of the Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (GPF).

The Management Board
The Management Board is composed of nine members chosen to broadly represent the three fields combined in the project (hadron physics with leptonic, hadronic and relativistic  heavy ion probes), as well as of experiments and theory.
The Management Board is chaired and coordinated by the Project Coordinator.
The Management Board takes care of the implementation of the project.

The Dissemination Committee
The Dissemination Committee is composed by the person in charge of outreach activities, the web master and four members of the Management Board.
The tasks of the Dissemination Committee are, in particular, to provide the most complete information regarding the project to the scientific community, to acquaint a wider public to
the themes and achievements of the project, to promote the recruitment of new generations of scientists.