Dr. Johann Marton

Dr. Yves Schutz

Dr. Eugenio Nappi

Prof. Mihai Petrovici

Dr. Bjoern Seitz

Prof. Andrzej Sandacz

Dr. Michel Garcon

Prof. Miroslav Finger

Prof. Tord Johansson

Dr. Andre Sternbeck

Prof. Werner Meyer
Prof. Hans-Juergen Arends

Prof. Wolfram Weise

Dr. Diana Nicmorus

Dr. Dieter Grzonka

Prof. Horst Horst

Prof. Johannes Wessels

Prof. Samo Korpar

Dr. Ralph Boehm

Dr. Maria paola Lombardo

Prof. Joachim Stroth


The HadronPhysics3 project is supported by the European Union
under the 7th Framework Capacities Programme in the area of Research Infrastructures (RI).