27 May 2013

Carlo Guaraldo, WP1: Management of the Consortium

Marco Maggiora, WP3: ENCstudy - Feasibility study for an electron-nucleon collider in Europe

Bernard Metsch, WP4: EPOS - Exciting Physics Of Strong Interactions

Marcus Bleicher, WP2: TURHIC - Theory of Ultra Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

Andrzej Kupsc, WP5: MesonNet - Meson Physics in Low-Energy QCD

Josef Pochodzalla, WP6: SPHERE - Strange Particles in Hadronic Environment Research in Europe

Paola Gianotti, WP7: FAIRnet - A worldwide research networking activity for experiments on QCD

Gines Martinez, WP8: SaporeGravis - Heavy flavoured probes of deconfined QCD matter

Johann Marton, WP9: LEANNIS - Low-energy antikaon-nucleon and –nuclei interaction studies

Gerrit Schierholz, WP10: LatticeQCD - Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics

Wolfram Weise, WP11: ECT* - Transnational Access to ECT*

Hans-Jürgen Arends, WP12: MAMI - Transnational Access to MAMI

Johann Heuser, WP13: GSI - Transnational Access to GSI

Dieter Grzonka, WP14: Transnational Access to COSY

Carlo Guaraldo, WP15: Transnational Access to INFN-LNF


28 May 2013


Eléni Berdermann, WP16: ADAMAS - Advanced Diamond Assemblies

Hartmut Dutz, WP17: DNPMag - Internal Magnets for DNP

Silvia Dalla Torre, WP18: FPD - Frontier Photon Detectors

Mihai Petrovici, WP19: FuturePID - Future Particle Identification Techniques

Alfons Khoukaz, WP20: FutureJet - Cryogenic jets of nano- to micrometer-sized particles for hadron physics

Bjoern Seitz, WP21: CherenkovImaging - Development of high rate compact Cherenkov imaging technology

Rainer Novotny, WP22: LYSOFiber - Frontier scintillation detectors based on inorganic fibers

Michel Guidal, WP23: GPDex - Generalized Parton Distributions

Johann Zmeskal, WP24: JointGEM - Ultra-light and ultra-large tracking systems based on GEM technology

Frank Rathmann, WP25: PolAntiP - Polarized Antiprotons

Johann Heuser, WP26: ULISINT - Integration of ultra-light silicon tracking and vertex detection systems

Valeria Muccifora, WP27: Di-JETCAL - A Di-Jet Electromagnetic Calorimeter for Jet Quencing Study

Herbert Orth, WP28: SiliconMultiplier - Matrix Geiger-Mode Avalanche Micro-Pixel Photo Diodes

Delia Hasch, WP29: 3D-Mom - Three-dimensional momentum structure of hadrons

Carlo Guaraldo, Towards a HadronPhysics proposal in Horizon 2020

Conclusion of the meeting



Carlo Guaraldo for WP1: MAN, WP15: LNF

Marcus Bleicher for WP2: TURHIC

Marco Maggiora WP3: ENCstudy

Bernard Metsch for WP4: EPOS

Andrzej Kupsc for WP5: MesonNet

Josef Pochodzalla for WP6: SPHERE

Paola Gianotti for WP7: FAIRnet

Gines Martinez for WP8: SaporeGravis

Johann Marton for WP9: LEANNIS

Gerrit Schierholz for WP10: LatticeQCD

Wolfram Weise for WP11: ECT*

Hans-Juergen Arends for WP12: MAMI

Johann Heuser for WP13: GSI, WP26: ULISINT

Dieter Grzonka for WP14: COSY

Eléni Berdermann for WP16: ADAMAS

Hartmut Dutz for WP17: DNPMag

Silvia Dalla Torre for WP18: FPD

Mihai Petrovici for WP19: FuturePID

Alfons Khoukaz for WP20: FutureJet

Bjoern Seitz for WP21: CherenkovImaging

Rainer Novotny for WP22: LYSOFiber

Michel Guidal for WP23: GPDex

Johann Zmeskal for WP24: JointGEM

Frank Rathmann for WP25: PolAntiP

Valeria Muccifora for WP27: Di-JETCAL

Herbert Orth for WP28: SiliconMultiplier

Delia Hasch for WP29: 3D-Mom

Mauro Anselmino

Giuliano Basso

Ralph Boehm

Yara Maria Bravo

Tord Johansson

Mladen Kis

Helmut Koch

Fabienne Kunne

Eugenio Nappi

Diana Laura Sirghi

Yves Schutz

Ulrich Wiedner

The HadronPhysics3 project is supported by the European Union
under the 7th Framework Capacities Programme in the area of Research Infrastructures (RI).