27 May 2013

Carlo Guaraldo, WP1: Management of the Consortium

Marco Maggiora, WP3: ENCstudy - Feasibility study for an electron-nucleon collider in Europe

Bernard Metsch, WP4: EPOS - Exciting Physics Of Strong Interactions

Marcus Bleicher, WP2: TURHIC - Theory of Ultra Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

Andrzej Kupsc, WP5: MesonNet - Meson Physics in Low-Energy QCD

Josef Pochodzalla, WP6: SPHERE - Strange Particles in Hadronic Environment Research in Europe

Paola Gianotti, WP7: FAIRnet - A worldwide research networking activity for experiments on QCD

Gines Martinez, WP8: SaporeGravis - Heavy flavoured probes of deconfined QCD matter

Johann Marton, WP9: LEANNIS - Low-energy antikaon-nucleon and –nuclei interaction studies

Gerrit Schierholz, WP10: LatticeQCD - Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics

Wolfram Weise, WP11: ECT* - Transnational Access to ECT*

Hans-Jürgen Arends, WP12: MAMI - Transnational Access to MAMI

Johann Heuser, WP13: GSI - Transnational Access to GSI

Dieter Grzonka, WP14: Transnational Access to COSY

Carlo Guaraldo, WP15: Transnational Access to INFN-LNF


28 May 2013


Eléni Berdermann, WP16: ADAMAS - Advanced Diamond Assemblies

Hartmut Dutz, WP17: DNPMag - Internal Magnets for DNP

Silvia Dalla Torre, WP18: FPD - Frontier Photon Detectors

Mihai Petrovici, WP19: FuturePID - Future Particle Identification Techniques

Alfons Khoukaz, WP20: FutureJet - Cryogenic jets of nano- to micrometer-sized particles for hadron physics

Bjoern Seitz, WP21: CherenkovImaging - Development of high rate compact Cherenkov imaging technology

Rainer Novotny, WP22: LYSOFiber - Frontier scintillation detectors based on inorganic fibers

Michel Guidal, WP23: GPDex - Generalized Parton Distributions

Johann Zmeskal, WP24: JointGEM - Ultra-light and ultra-large tracking systems based on GEM technology

Frank Rathmann, WP25: PolAntiP - Polarized Antiprotons

Johann Heuser, WP26: ULISINT - Integration of ultra-light silicon tracking and vertex detection systems

Valeria Muccifora, WP27: Di-JETCAL - A Di-Jet Electromagnetic Calorimeter for Jet Quencing Study

Herbert Orth, WP28: SiliconMultiplier - Matrix Geiger-Mode Avalanche Micro-Pixel Photo Diodes

Delia Hasch, WP29: 3D-Mom - Three-dimensional momentum structure of hadrons

Carlo Guaraldo, Towards a HadronPhysics proposal in Horizon 2020

Conclusion of the meeting